You could decide for a pleasant and refreshing exercise in the swimming pool or a more demanding tennis game. We recommend to include walking in the woods or a ride with mountain bike and the night view of the sky from our observatory.

I - Restaurant

Under the vaulted ceiling or in the terrace looking at the oliveyard, you will enjoy the services of our restaurant. Always in a cozy atmosphere along the lines of the Tuscany traditions

II - Observatory

At the top for an amatorial observatory under a dome synchronized with the instruments we have installed a powerful 16” F/9 RC telescope based on a computerized equatorial mount CM 3000. The combined quality of the sky and of the instruments allows impressive views of the deep sky.

We share the Galileo’s sentence "I loved the stars too deeply to be afraid of the night."

We are blessed with one of the best skies in Italy.

Not the sky of the Atacama desert, but thanks to the very limited light pollution, we can admire, nebulas, galaxies and other wonder of the universe. You are welcome to join us in the dome. When the weather and the surrounding conditions allow, we organize explanatory talks to describe the sky. The talks are followed by a visit to the observatory and, thanks to an agreement we have with another observatory placed in South America, by the vision through wi-fi connection of what can be seen in the south hemisphere.

III - Swimming pool

If not willing to spend the day on the sand of the Tirrenean beaches, you can remain at the farm and enjoy the swimming pool. A comfortable place where you can have a peaceful rest while taking in the impressive view of the valley and olive groves.

You can swim in the 12,5 m pool or relax in the jacuzzi with water heated with the solar panels

IV - Tennis court

For tennis enthusiasts not willing to reduce their activity during the holidays, we offer a private field of official size to play tennis without constrains.

It is placed isolated from the buildings avoiding any inconvenience and noise to those having a rest in the apartments



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