I -Respect the environment

We have the duty to respect, preserve and, up to the limit of our capability, protect the nature being part of it.

Our fields are in the hill side, covered by woods, olive groves, vineyards and the rains falling with higher intensity would cause huge erosions unless the soil is covered with grass and the water is properly canaled. Longer periods of drought follow the heavy rains. To handle with this consequence of the climate change we have started building a net of drainages, small canals, stone walls and we are planning to build a water conservancy basin.

Giving our contribution to minimize the CO2 emissions, we have installed a wind generator alongside with a solar-thermal system to produce heat water

II - Organic Farm

"Aia Leccioni" has been implemented to be an organic farm. Our primary objective is to cultivate quality and genuine products, respecting the typical characteristics of the territory and seasonality.

Our main product is an excellent extra virgin olive oil that we obtain through a cold pressing of the olives we collect manually from about 800 plants of various species (frantoio, leccino, pendolino, moraiolo), We have a small vineyard, from which we produce excellent wine reserved exclusively for our guests and family and an orchard with various types of plants (apricot, plum, peach, fig). We also have a vegetable garden, with seasonal vegetables and finally our hens reared outdoors give the needed supply to our chefs.

In our fields we exclusively use organic cultivation methods, without the use of any type of chemicals and all our products are recognized with the BIO certification. Honey, olive oil, wine, fruits you will find at your table are as nature and our care have permitted to be.

All the dishes served in our restaurant are prepared with the exclusive use of products coming from our farm or from those of our neighbors all adopting organic cultivation methods.

III - In the green

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The estate, located in the countryside of the Alta Val di Cecina, is inserted into a typical Tuscan landscape where green and hilly spaces alternate with vast wooded areas, close to the uncontaminated nature.

An amazing territory.
You will have the opportunity to spot animals that animate our lands, such as buzzards, hares, turtles, roe deer, foxes, wild boars and porcupines. You will admire the different varieties of trees such as holm oaks, oaks, pines, strawberry trees. In season you can pick myrtle or juniper berries, or the fruits of the strawberry trees.

Furthermore, this territory is significant from a geological and geothermal point of view, on the edges of the metalliferous hills. Not far from us you can visit places with residual volcanic activity.

IV - Mantain the traditions

The cross vaults and the original impressive stone grinder the farmers in the valley used to process their olives till the beginning of the last century, have been returned to their original hierarchy.

Protecting all the elements proving the origin of the farm, we have enhanced the comfort of the available facilities up to modern standards. Whatever we have found in the refurbishment proving the activities were done in the past has been saved and placed in a proper location to be fully valued

V - Custumer will be our guest

We want to offer moments of peace and serenity, feeling part of our world and our family.

It is not just to offer proper services (almost everybody can do it), but to share our ideas and objectives as among friends



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